The Power of Pareto: How a Simple Idea Can Transform Your Working Capital

If you are familiar with the Pareto Principle, you’re probably aware that 20% of your customer sales can account for 80% of your business finance and success.  This is particularly important in quickly growing companies where time is of the essence.  The problem is that for B2B businesses customer invoices can result in weeks and months of payment delays, even for your top 20% customers.

Payments in days, not months

That is where we can help.  Convertibill® allows you to exchange your delayed invoices for cash upfront.  And because we know the value of the Pareto Principle, you can use our platform for the 20% of customers that give you 80% of your business. Helping our clients to grow their business is our main priority.

Working capital on your terms

Clients have the freedom to choose which customer invoices to finance. By trading with us and building up a trading history, it is very easy to add new customer accounts onto the service, thus providing, reliable working capital.

To find out more and how to convert it using the Pareto Principle, feel free to contact us here.

You can also find answers on our FAQ page.

Granting Wishes with Convertibill®

Accessing capital for growing a business is typically a long and difficult process.  Even those who receive grant aid may have to wait to receive payment.

In the time most traditional lenders take to approve an application, many commercial opportunities are lost.  With Convertibill®, approval and capital can be provided within 72 hours.  This is because our approval criteria is different. We provide approval on the basis of the quality of debtors.

Payments for Government Grants

In recent months, a number of clients have secured government grants.  With use Convertibill® when you already have a grant? These grants have long lead times between date of approval and the actual payment date.  Very often the grant process can take up to 180 days before the equity is finally released.  In one such instance, Convertibill® was able to expedite payment and pay 90% of the grant’s face value the day after approval.  This gave our customer the funds she needed to begin work on an expansion project without any major strain on her cash flow.

If you have a government grant, and need capital swiftly, feel free to contact us here. You can also find answers on our FAQ Page.

A Lorry for the Fleet: How Convertibill® Helped a Business in Need of Transportation

By choosing Convertibill®, clients can take control of their  finances. 

We allow you to choose the specific invoices you want to finance. It is not an “all or nothing system” like other institutions and no unnecessary charges are put in place. Clients do not need to commit their entire ledger or enter into a long term commitment; they simply choose the invoices they wish to encash. In effect, it provides the trade finance they need, as they need it, on terms that suit their business.


Driving Expansion – adding to the fleet

A Convertibill® customer sought to increse their fleet. They had invoices that extended 90 days and wished to trade them in order to purchase a new lorry sooner and take advantage of an exciting expansion opportunity.

The company told us that our services would help increase their output as another mode of transportation was very important during their busiest quarter, which was fast approaching.

Using Convertibill®, he was able to trade his invoice before lunchtime, and the following day, the money was in his account. His invoices where freed up, and he was able to proceed with his purchase.

Because Convertibill® does not take personal liens or guarantees against the company, the customer was able to trade swiftly, without constraints and take advantage of the value in his invoices.

If you need to trade swiftly, feel free to contact Convertibill®. You can also find answers on our FAQ page.