The Power of Pareto: How a Simple Idea Can Transform Your Working Capital


If you are familiar with the Pareto Principle, you’re probably aware that 20% of your customer sales can account for 80% of your business finance and success.  This is particularly important in quickly growing companies where time is of the essence.  The problem is that for B2B businesses customer invoices can result in weeks and months of payment delays, even for your top 20% customers.

Payments in days, not months

That is where we can help.  Convertibill® allows you to exchange your delayed invoices for cash upfront.  And because we know the value of the Pareto Principle, you can use our platform for the 20% of customers that give you 80% of your business. Helping our clients to grow their business is our main priority.

Working capital on your terms

Clients have the freedom to choose which customer invoices to finance. By trading with us and building up a trading history, it is very easy to add new customer accounts onto the service, thus providing, reliable working capital.

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