As pioneers of a new system of financing, Convertibill® gives the elbow to the complicated barriers of traditional lending.

You simply estimate the amount of working capital or finance you need. Determine how much your bank or other sources can provide. And top up any financial shortfall with Convertibill® trade finance. Or indeed you can use it to totally replace your existing financial arrangements.

It’s the fast, simple and eminently practical solution.

How it works
  1. 1Company [originator of the invoice] invoices customer [debtor] for €10,000.
  2. 2The Company sells as portion of the invoice, for example €8500
  3. 3The invoice is traded on Convertibill and the Company receives the agreed amount, for example, €8500, same day
  4. 4€1500 is held on account against the invoice, in a secure, separated account
  5. 5Customer pays the €10,000 invoice and the Company receives remaining €1300 [amount less fees]

This is an example based on €10,000. Other amounts and timings may affect final amounts. Ask your advisor prior to making a commitment.