Regardless of the sector your business operates in, your finance requirements are unique. We want to understand what you require so we can tailor the financial support you need. So let’s have a conversation and see how Convertibill® can best support you. Let’s work together and finance your business potential.


Convertibill® is suitable for all businesses who require working capital. It is particularly suited to businesses in pharma’, services, manufacturing, construction and distribution. We have a strong track record in providing finance for a wide range of sectors, such as:


Companies developing pharmaceuticals and equipment for hospitals and nursing homes throughout Ireland. We provide the trade finance which enables these companies to thrive and provide the essential products and services for their customers.


Manufacturing companies use Convertibill® to finance the purchase of materials for manufacturing and to finance cashflow for their working capital needs.


The HR and recruitment industry in Ireland is competitive and requires ongoing working capital to finance cashflow. Recruitment agencies do not typically have valuable fixed assets but current assets such as cash, debtors and prepayments. They also have current liabilities; amounts owing to employees, suppliers, tax obligations are significant for all agencies. Convertibill® can provide the trade finance they need to fund this gap in finance, taking the pressure off the business and providing the finance need to grow.


Cyclical industries like construction need stability and reliable sources of finance to survive and then to grow. To take advantage of opportunities when new investment in construction is vital so that these industries are not hampered by a lack of finance when they need it most; in the growth phase.


Distribution finance provides the capital manufacturing companies need from the manufacture of the product through the distribution cycle and ultimately to the sale of the product. This can be long process requiring financial management and attention to cash flow to ensure that the cycle is profitable.


Cash flow is king and none more so than for consulting companies providing credit to clients. Convertibill® trade finance provides this cash flow through the individual invoices outstanding by the company. This cash flow allows consulting companies to continue to provide their services unhampered by cashflow issues and enables them to grow with the clients.


Convertibill® provides the finance which allows education providers to fund their growth and continue to support education. This, in turn contributes to the growth and survival of the economy.


Sustainable, reliable trade finance enables companies in the transport sector to thrive and contribute to the success of the economy overall.


Convertibill® provides the finance to enable property developers to build. Our products ensure that they have the capital to grow between the embryonic phase the the completion and sale phase.


We provide trade finance to companies in all areas of the medical sector; many of these companies are pioneers, whose products contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients. Our trade finance allows these companies to develop new products and have the working capital they need to conceive of, develop, produce and deliver these products to customers. This cycle can be a long one and Convertibill® can fund this path to success.


Convertibill® hire finance means companies are not saddled with the burden of a large purchase payment impacting their cash flow. Our solution allows companies to hire purchase new equipment, thereby spreading out repayments and providing a transparent payment plan, ensuring cash flow is not impacted.


Software development companies use Convertibill® trade finance for the working capital they need to grow. The cycle from briefing to development and final delivery can be a long one and Convertibill® funds this cycle by delivering the value in the company’s underlying invoices.

5 success secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

    5 secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

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