As creators of the business finance credebt® facility, Convertibill® deliver it using a simple finance formula.

Traditional business lenders and their industry wide ‘Slow No‘ are real business killers.  Whatever part of your business you’re looking to finance, and regardless of its value or complexity, the Convertibill® Finance Formula gets you a quick Yes/No on your credebt® facility.

Our company structure seamlessly delivers the Convertibill® Finance Formula to you. This fast and simple process, is driven by you. In other words, the Convertibill® Finance Formula works as quickly as you do.

How the Convertibill® Finance Formula works – Stage I
  1. 1Whether by telephone, or in person, your finance requirements are clearly understood by a Branch Manager or Specialist
  2. 2After the meeting, you supply a current aged debtors and aged creditors report to the Branch Manager or Specialist
  3. 3After submitting these two reports, you will receive a provisional 1-page RPA offer. Or you will be declined
  4. 4Because Convertibill® Finance is different, your Branch Manager, or Specialist, will explain the 1-page RPA offer to you clearly
  5. 5If you wish to proceed with the offer, you confirm this by replying PROCEED to the email, or by clicking ‘PROCEED’ online
  6. 6You then to provide a complete ‘set’ of information (each item in the set is numbered) to the Branch Manager or Specialist
  7. 7The Branch Manager, or Specialist, prepares a credebt® application file and transfers you to Trade Desk & Treasury [TD&T]


How the Convertibill® Finance Formula works – Stage II
  1. 8Trade Desk & Treasury [TD&T] now take control and all the information you provided in Step-6 above is examined thoroughly
  2. 9If all the information provided is found to be true and accurate, you are invited to complete a credebt® application form online
  3. 10Taking your time and with careful attention, you should be able to complete the credebt® application form in less than 60-minutes
  4. 11TD&T will then complete their evaluation before confirming, or rejecting, the application. This takes less than 24-hours
  5. 12Before trading commences, all directors sign electronic contracts (simple click ‘I Agree’ documentation)
  6. 13Final notifications to debtors are issued and confirmed before transactions are uploaded to the trading platform
  7. 14Trading commences, trades are approved by the Trade Desk and funds are transferred to your nominated bank account


This Convertibill® Finance Formula is highly efficient.  With your help,
from start to finish it can be completed within 48-hours, or less




There are two ‘sides’ to the Convertibill® company structure:

1. The Business side; and
2. Trade Desk & Treasury

1. On the Business side, your Branch Manager, or Specialist, is the person that learns about your business and understands your finance requirements. These highly trained and experienced personnel are the people that engage with you to ensure that Stage I of the Convertibill® Finance Formula is correctly implemented

2. As explained above, once you confirm the 1-page RPA Offer, Trade Desk & Treasury take control. These personnel operate separately and independently from the Business side of Convertibill®. They apply Stage II of the Convertibill® Finance Formula to ensure your finance request is processed quickly and without interruption

Convertibill® could be funding you within a few days

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