Convertibill® Order Finance

Through Order Finance, Convertibill® provides the funding you need to fulfil orders and contracts. 

Do you wish you could take on more customers, fulfil more orders and grow your market share? Convertibill® Order Finance can help you do just that without putting a strain on your company’s cash flow. Get fluid and direct access to the capital you need to fund purchase orders. 

What Is Convertibill® Order Finance?

Convertibill® Order Finance is the perfect business finance solution if you need extra funding to fulfil orders. Whether you’ve had a sudden influx of orders, a customer has requested a large number of products, or your funds are tied up in invoices and pending orders, Order Finance provides the capital you need to cover order costs. 

How Does Order Finance Work?

Once you’ve been approved for Convertibill® Order Finance, any customer orders you want to finance will be pre-approved. When an order comes in, simply enter it into the Convertibill® Order Finance system, making sure you enter the costs required to fulfil it, and we will cover the order costs. 

Then, when your customer pays for their order, Convertibill® will receive the payment and transfer the balance to you, minus the order costs and a small fee. 

Why Use Convertibill® Order Finance?

Take on More Orders

With Order Finance, the number of orders you can complete won’t be limited by your cash flow. The cost of fulfilling orders won’t put a financial strain on your business, giving you the financial freedom to process more orders. The more orders you complete, the more you’ll increase your revenue and grow your market share. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels

One of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to complete orders without delay. With Order Finance, you’ll have fast access to the funds needed to cover order costs, so you can impress your customers by instantly accepting and fulfilling orders. 

Flexible Funding 

Convertibill® Order Finance is a flexible form of business finance — you can finance customer orders as and when you need to. There’s no restrictive contract or obligation to finance all of your orders. Instead, it’s a form of finance you can use on an ad-hoc basis. You can also use Order Finance alongside other forms of business finance. 

Receive Funding in Just Days

Once you’ve received a purchase order from a customer, you want to fund and fulfil that order as quickly as possible — your business and its reputation depend on your level of service. With our Order Finance solution, you can have access to funds just days after applying. And once you’ve been approved, you’ll have even faster access to funds for any future orders. 

How to Apply for Convertibill® Finance

If you’re ready to start funding your orders and increasing revenue, you can easily apply for Convertibill® Order Finance online. Simply get in touch and a Convertibill® specialist will give you a call to guide you through our Order Finance product and provide a quote for your business. 

Ready to apply? Request a free quote by filling out the form and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. After receiving your quote, you can apply and with our speedy application and approval process, you could have access to funds in a few days. 

Convertibill® could be funding you within a few days

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