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Convertibill® Revenue Finance is Convertibill® Customer Finance for established organisations. It complements or replaces traditional term loans. Established organisations have a proven prior trading record. Convertibill® Revenue Finance uses this trading record of prior revenue to predict future revenue. Convertibill® then purchase a percentage of that future revenue today. This provides the organisation with immediate funding that is used to invest in and grow their business.


Following the Convertibill® Finance Formula, the business owner decides the amount of funding they require and for how long. The repayments are deducted from the Convertibill® Customer Finance facility over several months or years. You are in charge and are free to decide which customer accounts you use to repay the Revenue Finance and over what period of time.

Convertibill® Revenue Finance can complement or replace traditional bank term loans. There are no liens or personal guarantees and the application process is simple too. For assistance on how best to use this type of finance, contact your Convertibill® Specialist or Branch Manager by:

Telephone: 01 685-3600 (Ireland) +30 211 234-3600 (Greece) or 0844 774-7822 (United Kingdom)
Web: complete the form opposite

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