Finance enquiry for Accountants’ Clients

This is an exclusive service for accountancy practices to get a fast, indicative answer if Convertibill® can finance their clients. Complete the form below to get a simple Yes/No answer within 24 hours, or less.

If the indicative answer is Yes, we will request a recent aged debtors and aged creditors report and issue a single page offer. This RPA Offer details the costs and fees and is sent to you, or your client, whichever you prefer.

Finance Required

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What we don’t do:

Not suited to Car, Van, Mortgage related business or Medium to Longer-term Property deals.

What Convertibill® does:

Use client’s trade book to:

  • Pay Suppliers enabling transport savings and bulk discounts
  • Win bigger customer Orders by proving financial backing is in place to fulfil large orders
  • Free up capital efficiently from future revenues such as Invoices, Card Payments and Licence Fees
  • Provide Asset finance to pay the business upfront and enable more customer sales

Key aspects:

  • Minimum amount required to equate to EUR 25.0k every 30 days up to EUR 2.5m every 30 days.
  • No liens, personal guarantees, lock-in periods or debtor concentration limits apply.
  • Selective debtor finance – no requirement to trade full ledger.