Let’s work together and help your clients grow.

Convertibill® provides the working capital that your clients need. Working with accountants and business advisors, we are financing growing businesses throughout the country. Where Convertibill® is the best option for your customers, we appreciate and reward the introduction. We work with accountants who put the client first and seek to help them to grow and flourish. The Convertibill® Advisabill Network rewards accountants and business advisors for introducing clients who Convertibill® finance.

Advisabill Network Compensation Scheme

As an accountant and/or business advisor, you regularly help your clients to get access to finance. It’s also commonplace for traditional lenders to request additional information and in-depth analysis from you. Often, the required expertise and valuable time you spend on this important support goes unrewarded. Yet without your support, your clients would struggle to adequately finance their businesses.

Your hands shouldn’t be tied when it comes to being compensated for your valuable time and insight. The Convertibill® Advisabill Network makes your practice an integral part of the finance application process and ensures you are rewarded too.

We will provide your customers with the financing they need and pay you a generous commission for the introduction.

Advisabill Network Features

  • Exclusive access to the Advisabill Network online members portal
  • Finance solutions for your clients that are only available from Advisabill Network members
  • Fast finance decisions for your clients that are clearly explained and easily understood
  • Compensation on a ‘per new traded client’ basis or in the form of interest rebate
  • Lease finance from authorised Convertibill® suppliers at low-no finance cost to you
  • Instalment finance to pay professional indemnity and other annual practice costs
  • Revolving finance facility to fund your practice fees.

Advisabill Network Requirements

  • Established practice that is a member of a recognized accountancy body
  • Finance applications submitted according to specific information requirements
  • Collaborative support required during and after the finance application process
  • Revolving practice fees & billables facility with full recourse to the practice
  • Quarterly and annual minimum referral requirements