How we support agents

Business advisers and agents specialise in assisting their clients to raise finance. Agents are either paid by their client, the finance company or both. Agents are typically specialist financial advisers, ex-bankers or business consultants.

Agents have in-depth knowledge of their clients, their client’s business and the best way to meet their client’s finance requirements. Agents seeking finance for their clients have a dedicated Finance Enquiry form.

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As an agent you will be involved, and kept informed, at every step of the financing process. This process typically starts with a conversation between you and a Convertibill® finance Specialist.


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What we don’t do:

Not suited to car, van or mortgage related business or medium to long-term property deals.

What Convertibill® does:

Use client’s trade book to:
  • Pay suppliers enabling transport savings and bulk discounts
  • Win bigger customer orders by proving financial backing is in place to fulfil larger orders
  • Free up capital efficiently from future revenues, e.g. invoices, card payments, licence fees and direct debit revenue streams
  • Provide vendor finance using lease/hire instalment finance to improve customer sales

Key aspects:

  • Minimum finance requirement should be EUR 25.0k every 30 days or EUR 0.4m every per annum
  • No liens, personal guarantees, lock-in periods or debtor concentration limits apply
  • Selective debtor finance and no requirement to trade ‘full ledger’

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