The Complete Package

Complete Composites are Ireland’s largest and most technologically advanced manufacturer of tooling and moulds. They produce lightweight composite Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Carbon Reinforced Plastic (CRP) parts and prototypes. They also manufacture fibreglass props and structures, and provide 3D Lettering for the event industry. CEO Gerry Killen leads a highly skilled team of engineers and GRP fibreglass laminators. Complete Composites offer a comprehensive service to their diverse client base. From conception to design, Gerry and his team will ensure that each project is tailored specifically to best suit the client’s unique needs.

Life At The Cutting Edge

Complete Composites pride themselves on being at the cutting-edge of production. They are currently the only composite manufacturer in Ireland using a 7 axis CNC Kuka robotic arm. This programmable robotic arm is capable of complex manufacturing as well as cutting and trimming of composite parts. It is truly impressive to see this precision tool in action.

A heavy investment in technology enables Complete Composites to bring a project from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing to reality. Gerry and his team work closely with design engineers, project directors, architects and innovators to transform initial design into superior composite Glass Reinforced Plastic and carbon fibre parts. 3D Printing is a cutting edge production method. It allows Complete Composites to create parts, models and moulds from Computer Aided Design or digital models and transform them into durable, lightweight composite parts.

From speaking with Gerry, it is clear that he takes great pride in being at the cutting edge of composite production. “We are the only ‘one stop shop’ for GRP and carbon parts in Ireland and we can work from client’s 3D drawings to make tooling, moulds, prototype and production parts”. Complete Composites have a diverse array of skilled workers and work across a wide range of sectors. Gerry has used Convertibill® services to help finance the growth of his business into the market leader it is today. Convertibill®’s role is to finance a business’ potential so that business owners like Gerry can focus on running and growing their company.

MightyBar Composite braided rail was engineered by Complete Composites using a combination of materials that can be made in non-linear shapes. This product is ideal for transport & construction projects. Considerably lighter than many current systems, it will deliver a 70kg+ weight reduction on a typical double deck bus. This innovative product can be manufactured as part of complex designs in non-linear shapes. Durability and strength, coupled with lightweight design makes MightyBar ideal for the transportation industry.

Industry Applications

Complete Composites have a large manufacturing facility, located in Slane Co. Meath. From here they are well placed to serve a large market across a wide range of sectors.

Transport – Complete Composites manufacture parts for several international transport vehicle manufacturers. They also produce car kit bodies and bespoke conversions for coaches, ambulances, hearses, motor homes and other niche vehicles. On top of this, they are an approved supplier to Iarnrod Eireann. Complete Composites MightyBar lightweight composite rail won an award for Technical Innovation of the Year 2015, at the UK Light Rail Awards. This product has huge potential within the industry and has attracted a lot of attention.

Renewable energy – Complete Composites manufacture parts for a number of international clients in the renewable energy market. They currently supply blades for several wind turbine manufacturers as well as cowlings, fins and enclosures. CEO Gerry Killen is no stranger to working in this sector. Gerry is the founder and former chairman of the Green Economy Forum for Dublin Chamber of Commerce. He was also an influential committee member of the World Recycling Forum and has extensive international contacts in the greentech/cleantech space. We are extremely proud to work with progressive companies such as Complete Composites. Led by Gerry Killen, Complete Composites are actively working towards creating a greener future through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Marine – Complete Composites have manufactured parts & products for several clients in the marine sector. They have a wealth of experience in manufacturing large-scale fish tanks for farming and other purposes. They also supply and commission circular tanks for both in ground and over ground use. Complete Composite manufactured tanks have been used for land based trials in aquaculture by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), the state agency responsible for developing the Irish sea fishing and aquaculture industries.

Complete Composites work across a wide range of other industries including construction, leisure, bathroom, healthcare and the reduced mobility sector. Gerry has strong ambitions for the coming year. When asked about the company goals, it was clear to see his faith in their cutting-edge technology as a driving factor in growth. “Grow the business by leveraging off our strong supply relationships with several multinationals and diversify into certain ‘off the shelf’ GRP Products in addition to our bespoke parts. Secure more work for our 7 Axis CnC Robot”.

From Design To Production

Complete Composites are a truly unique company in Ireland. On their journey from beginning trade in 2017 to the present day, they have faced many barriers to growth. Gerry clearly identified raising finance as a roadblock they encountered when trying to grow the company. “Working Capital finance and marketing profile are always issues for us and many SME’s. Currency volatility since Brexit resulted in a serious reduction of opportunities to supply clients in UK”. For many micro-to-medium sized businesses, raising the finance they need to take their business to the next level can often prove next to impossible. Convertibill® will trade where a bank won’t lend. We can do everything a bank does, but differently.

Here at Convertibill®, we pride ourselves on being different. We offer a range of flexible finance options, and will listen to your needs and goals. We will tailor a plan to best suit your business’ needs, and our team will guide you through the process. When asked why Convertibill® finance proved the right option for Complete Composites, Gerry pointed to the ease of access to funds as a major factor. “Convertibill offers a very attractive ‘seamless service’ and our experience of the portal has been very good”.

Convertibill® are extremely proud to partner with innovative companies such as Complete Composites. We can help your business to grow, where often other lenders will not. We will work with you to form a flexible repayment plan to suit your needs. Convertibill® will support your business, so that you can focus on taking it to the next level. To start a conversation with a member of our dedicated team, click here. Let’s grow together.