Ecohouse – Energy Efficient Heroes

Ecohouse are a team of designers, architects and builders, that specialise in energy efficient homes and buildings. The issue of climate change and increasing Carbon Dioxide emissions looms large in the political sphere. Ecohouse are paving the way for a brighter, more energy efficient future. Convertibill® are proud to support forward thinking businesses such as Ecohouse, so that they can pave the way for a cleaner future.

Driving a Cleaner Future

Trading since January 2016, Ecohouse are a growing and progressive company. They provide A1 Rated domestic dwellings. These are not only Near Zero Energy Buildings [NZEB], but provide a passive level of energy saving. Speaking with architect and director Terry Hutt, it is clear that Ecohouse are proud to be driving the construction industry towards a cleaner, more cost-effective future. “Passive homes can reduce energy use by up to 90% compared to conventional buildings. With an energy efficient exterior and a healthy interior temperature, passive homes are leading the way in the building world. This revolutionary approach is focused on responsibly reducing carbon footprint, while creating a healthy, comfortable and affordable home”.

All buildings use sustainable, renewable materials. They are pre manufactured in the factory and installed in large wall sections. These sections are complete and prepped for electrical and mechanical installation. All windows and doors are pre hung in the factory, so as to reduce any impact of weather. This results in a consistently high level of quality.

Ecohouse use KORE, Irish insulated raft foundation system. Surrounding the part of the building touched by the ground, it acts as an intelligent foundation. Building insulation above ground is continuous, eliminating the need for energy consuming thermal bridges, protecting the build from mould and moisture growth.

The main structure is made of glue laminated timbers – up to 70% stronger than solid timbers. Ecohouse are the only company in Ireland to use advanced glue laminated timbers for all buildings. Structured Insulated Panels [SIPs] are a high performing building material. Energy efficient, cost effective and strong; Structured Insulated Panels save time, money and labour; reducing the cost of build for the client.

The Panasonic Aquareais hot water and heating system used for domestic applications creates a consistently comfortable temperature, regardless of outdoor weather conditions, at an affordable price. The Komfovent Solutions Air handling system is a low energy, affordable system, most suited to our typical Irish climate. Visit the Ecohouse website to see some of the fantastic projects they have completed to date, here.

What Next For Ecohouse?

Ecohouse are acutely aware of the rising need to tackle carbon emissions. This is a growing issue, and governments globally are starting to take notice. Architect and director Terry Hutt was optimistic about the role Ecohouse can play in tackling carbon emissions. “With the advent of the NZEB standard that is now the minimum you can build to. We have been meeting that standard for 4 years now so we are well placed and versed as to what works and what does not. With the focus on the government and their commitments to lowering carbon emissions we provide a product that meets this void and we do it at a reasonable price”.

Data released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], shows a continuous increase in global temperatures since the end of the 19th Century. We are currently at our highest average global temperature for the last 3 million years. While this may sound bleak, forward thinking companies like Ecohouse are leading the fight against global warming, by investing in energy efficient methods of construction.

Why Choose Convertibill® Finance?

Convertibill® are proud to work alongside progressive companies such as Ecohouse. When asked why Convertibill® finance proved the right option for their business needs, Terry pointed to the flexible, solution-oriented approach. “Straightforward solutions to our trade. All our queries were handled in a professional manner and we were delighted with the business model and multiple solutions whether it was project based, stock based or invoice based. The online tracking system makes it easy for us to engage and the company has been very good to us especially in the current economic climate with the Covid 19 pandemic”. Convertibill® will trade where a bank won’t lend. We can do everything a bank does, but differently. Our role is to finance a business’ potential. With compamies like Ecohouse, that potential is endless.

Convertibill® are extremely proud to work with clients that are paving the way for a greener future. We recognise that the growing issue of energy consumption and carbon emissions affects us all. Not only does it affect us financially but environmental damage is also a huge concern. Ecohouse are tackling this issue head on, while also saving the consumer money. The end result is a win-win situation for customers.

Is Convertibill® The Right Option For Your Finance Needs?

A clear financial plan is key to the growth of any company. No matter how strong your idea may be, if you don’t have the correct financial support, failure is inevitable. To start a conversation with a member of our dedicated team, click here. Our team will walk you through the process, and help create a flexible repayment plan to suit your business needs. Convertibill take pride in working with companies like Ecohouse to provide a cleaner future. Our success is based solely on the success of our clients. Start a conversation today, and let’s grow together.