Convertibill®Making Waves

Convertibill® have been working harder than ever to provide micro-to-medium sized businesses with the funding they need to operate and grow in the current economic climate. Convertibill® will trade where banks won’t lend, and can do everything a bank does, just differently.

By making use of our flexible finance products and Credebt® facilities, many Irish businesses have found the ideal solution to their trading needs. Convertibill® can help to finance your business’ potential, and will work with you to form an affordable repayment plan. The service that Convertibill® has been providing to micro-to-medium sized business owners over the past few months has been invaluable, and has not gone unnoticed. We are delighted to have been selected as the focus for pieces in The Sunday Independent, Sunday Business Post and The Irish News.

The Sunday Independent

Convertibill® are delighted to have received the below write up in The Sunday Independent newspaper. It has long been said that Convertibill® are Ireland’s best kept secret, but with our continued success and coverage this may no longer be the case in months to come.

Convertibill® are proud to be helping micro-to-medium sized businesses to grow, where often other lenders have shut up shop. We will work with you to form a flexible repayment plan to suit your needs. Convertibill® will support your business, so that you can focus on taking it to the next level. To start a conversation with a member of our dedicated team, click here. Let’s grow together.