1.08 When should I use Convertibill®?

Organisations should only use the Exchange when they need to raise additional working capital to improve their liquidity and/or to help grow their business

1.07 Why you should use Convertibill®?

Because the Credebt Exchange® model is specifically designed to deliver intelligent finance to micro-medium sized organisations without the need for complicated ‘lock in’ contracts, liens or personal guarantees

1.06 Who uses Convertibill®?

All types of companies use Convertibill®. Typically these micro-medium sized organisations are Originators on the Exchange and sell their ETR to Credebt Exchange®

1.05 Is it really low cost capital?

Convertibill® enables service and goods providers to offer their invoices as Exchange Traded Receivables [ETR] for sale on the Exchange. The Convertibill® model makes ETR attractive to the hundreds of Credebt Exchange® Investors. The Credebt Exchange® objective is to achieve rates that are comparable to, and preferably less than, other commercial finance alternatives or bank lending rates

1.04 Why is Convertibill® Finance different?

Because Convertibill® Finance uses a purchasing model as opposed to a lending model. The business owner that originates or receives invoices is called an Originator. The Originator sells their invoices/ETR to Credebt Exchange® and once the Purchase Price is paid to the Originator, Credebt Exchange® owns the ETR. The Originator is using its own assets to generate cash and is selling them to Credebt Exchange®.

Credebt Exchange® rarely uses onerous loan finance terms, liens or guarantees (even personal guarantees). When successfully implemented, the Originator can become less reliant on banks or finance providers, is more self-sufficient and has a greater influence and control of its destiny

1.03 What is Invoice Discounting/Factoring [IDF]?

Invoice Discounting/Factoring [IDF] is a form of short-term commercial finance. The IDF provider uses your invoices as an asset and secures the money they advance/loan to you against these invoices. Typically, IDF providers require that you sell your entire debtors ledger (also called the ‘book debts’) and also personally guaranteed against any bad debts. IDF contracts are unwieldy and, once signed, are difficult to unwind and cancel. Additionally and depending on the IDF provider, the fees, surcharges and interest payments can make IDF an expensive form of finance. IDF is a long term commitment

1.02 What is the Convertibill® formula?

The Convertibill® Finance Formula uses a purchasing model, a simple set of documents and a specific processing method that ensures you know quickly if Convertibill® Finance can work for you.

Traditional lenders often work to undefined, unclear and confusing processes. Simple requests for specific types of business finance can take weeks, or even months, to process. Throughout the process, its unclear if the finance you’re asking for will ever be provided. Everything seems to be cloaked in secrecy. To make matters worse, having waited patiently for an answer, regularly it is: No. This frustrating process is called the ‘Slow No’. Convertibill® works to a formula that is quick, clear and fair.