2.06 How does RSA trading work?

RSA trading is the most common form of trading on the Exchange and occurs on a discounted basis. There are the four simple steps required to access your required Convertibill® intelligent finance:

How to become an Originator on the Exchange

  • Contact Us

    Whether you submit your enquiry online, call us on +353 1 685-3600 or email us, the initial information we need is straightforward (see the application form for further details)

  • RPA Offer

    From the information you provide in your initial application, we will issue a Provisional Revolving ETR Purchase Agreement [RPA] Offer. This is a single offer document that will specify the total finance available to you. Once you confirm your acceptance, you are invited to register

  • Complete Application

    After user registration, you enter your organisation details, followed by the debtor details and creditor details provided in your original application. Depending on how you wish to operate your account, you can enter all your debtors/creditors or just a handful to start with, so that you can learn how the Credebt Exchange® trading system works

  • RPA Confirmation

    The Provisional RPA Offer becomes a Formal RPA as soon as your first debtor/creditor is approved