Granting Wishes with Convertibill® Finance

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Accessing the capital need to grow a business can be a long and difficult process. Even those who receive grant aid may have to wait to receive payment.

In the time most traditional lenders take to approve an application, many commercial opportunities are lost. With Convertibill®, approval and capital can be provided within 72 hours. This is because our approval criteria is different. We provide approval on the basis of the quality of debtors.

Payments for Government Grants

In recent months, a number of clients have secured government grants. Why use Convertibill® when you already have a grant? These grants have long lead times between date of approval and the actual payment date. Very often the grant process can take up to 180 days before the payment is finally released. In one such instance, Convertibill® was able to expedite payment and pay 90% of the grant’s face value the day after approval. This gave our customer the funds she needed to begin work on an expansion project without any major strain on her cash flow.

If you have a government grant, and need capital swiftly, feel free to contact us here.

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