For leasing/hiring assets and paying for them by instalments

Asset Finance is used to purchase assets that are repaid by instalments using a lease or hire agreement. Your asset finance requirements are unique. We want to understand what you require so we can tailor the financial support you need. So let’s have a conversation and see how Convertibill® can best support you. Let’s work together and finance your business potential.


Instead of using outdated, traditional lending models, Asset Finance uses an alternative purchasing model called credebt® (pronounced: credet). Convertibill® purchase the asset for you and agrees with you the most affordable repayment schedule. This highly flexible credebt® facility can be used to purchase, or refinance, almost every conceivable kind of asset.

Convertibill® Asset Finance is a highly creative and flexible finance facility that can be used to finance or refinance many aspects of a business. To understand how it can be used in your business, make an appointment online now to talk to your Convertibill® Specialist.

Let’s work together & finance your business potential

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    5 secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

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