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We can do everything a bank does, only better (and faster). Rather than trying to understand what we do, why not let us understand what you do. Let’s have a conversation and see how Convertibill® can best support you. Let’s work together and finance your business potential.

Convertibill® Project Finance is designed for companies with contract-by-contract, or project based income. Project based income is seasonal by nature. Planning, forecasting and financing projects can be difficult to explain to a typical lender. Our Project Finance uses a credebt® facility that is unique to Convertibill® and it looks to support all of, or part of, the aspects of each contract from start to finish.

Project Finance can be used to pay suppliers. It can also be used to reduce cash flow issues caused by performance related, milestone payments.

A member of the team can guide you through our Project Finance suite of products and provide a quote for your business. This will enable you to finance your projects from start to finish with one provider.

Let’s work together & finance your business potential

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    5 secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

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