Combine multiple lease and loan obligations into one manageable monthly repayment

We can do everything a bank does, only better (and faster). Rather than trying to understand what we do, why not let us understand what you do. Let’s have a conversation and see how Convertibill® can best support you. Let’s work together and finance your business potential.

Refinanceabill™ uses a single credebt® facility to reduce your monthly repayments to your existing lender(s). It can also be used to release the finance ‘trapped’ in assets that are mid-term (repayments are more than 50.00% completed). This is particularly useful where the initial loan agreement was too short (causing the monthly repayments to be prohibitively high).

When you refinance multiple business debts, you immediately benefit by having lower monthly repayments. This improves cash flow by reducing the overall amount of monthly repayments each month. Moreover, having multiple loans or using credit cards to finance your business can be expensive. Refinanceabill™ helps release cash trapped in assets or expensive loans and reduces your monthly repayments over time.

A member of the team can guide you through our Refinanceabill™ finance solution and provide a quote for your business. This will enable you to dispense with multiple leases and lenders and trade with a single provider.

Let’s work together & finance your business potential

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    5 secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

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