3.03 Can I automate my trading?

Automated trading occurs according to the Originator Global Settings or if the Originator is selling Revolving ETR. The typical Investor trades automatically because they have a specific Buy rate with protected capital and yield in place

3.02 Why is Credebt Exchange® not regulated?

Credebt Exchange® is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a result of operating the Exchange and providing the Exchange Services. Its role is limited to that of Negotiation Agent, Document Agent & Servicer in respect of the Exchange and the Exchange Services and that of introducer, negotiator and facilitator in respect of the sale and purchase of ETR by Members over the Exchange.

Albeit that ETR differ significantly from Invoice Discounting/Factoring [IDF], ETR ‘fall under’ the IDF exception. For example, although a Bank is regulated, the Bank’s IDF business is not regulated. This is because IDF uses neither financial instruments nor investment instruments in operating its business.

Credebt Exchange® uses the Exchange to introduce ETR to Originators (i.e. sellers) to ETR and documents the buying and selling of ETR. From meeting with the Central Bank of Ireland, the buying and selling of ETR is IDF exempt and is therefore not a regulated activity

3.01 What is the Annual Target Rate [ATR]?

The cost of funds is calculated based on the Annual Target Rate [ATR]. The ATR is calculated the same way as Annual Percentage Rate [APR], subject to the correct trading balance between customer/d-ETR and supplier/c-ETR invoices sold to and bought by the Exchange