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Banks are unlikely to finance your business. We probably will.

Use your valuable time to focus on growing your business.


Let Convertibill® finance you every step of the way.

We can do everything a bank does, only better (and faster)

Tell us about your business so we can understand how to support you

Let’s work together and build a financial solution for your business

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How it works

It all starts with a conversation. We want to listen as you explain what you do and how you do it. We want to know what you are planning and what finance you need to get you there.

Once we understand your needs, we present you with options to consider. After you choose how you want to proceed, we help you prepare and submit your application. Within a few days, you’ll be approved and ready for trading.

Convertibill® v Bank Lending

Bank Borrowing Convertibill®
No personal guarantees *
No liens/debentures *
Quick application
Quick decision
Commercial perspective
Consultative process
No credit limits
Light on administration
Quick access to cash


5 success secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

    5 secrets every business owner should know when raising finance

    We will not share your details with anyone.

    Our most successful customers no longer use our finance

    These two people are not saying hello, one of them is saying goodbye to Convertibill®

    He needed Convertibill® to finance a specific set of business objectives and goals.

    Using that finance he exceeded his original targets and is now financially independent.

    Although we are sad to see him go, we are proud to be a part of his success.

    Don’t let finance hold your business back

    Inability to access finance holds back so many businesses with huge growth potential.

    Complicated application processes, no one to speak too and so many “slow nos”.

    Even if you get a “yes”, it comes with personal guarantees, liens and lock-ins

    The Convertibill® experience is simple, personal and guarantee/lien free.

    Convertibill® changed everything for us
    Catherine Fitzgerald of Octavia tells her Convertibill® story
    We couldn’t believe the flexibility
    John Dermody of My Live Medical tells his Convertibill® story
    It all starts with a conversation
    When Suits? Pick a time below

    Click on the date and time that suits you for an introductory chat with one of our Convertibill® Business Finance Specialists.

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    There are some occasions when a debenture or personal guarantee is required. Their purpose is not to restrict or prevent business growth. They are required in cases where the trade in question is viewed as high-risk or Convertibill® want the business owner fully invested. Exit fees only occur where the trade is a quasi-mezzanine type of finance and a defined exit date has been agreed or the exit occurs in the first 12 months of trading.

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